May the Fourth-Star Wars Day

Since 1977, “May the Force be With You” has been part of the global lexicon. This phrase, created by Modesto native George Lucas symbolizes the magic and influence of his epic film Star Wars, the follow-up film to his breakthrough American Graffiti.

Just say “May the 4th Be With You” out loud and you will hear the pun that so many Star Wars fans worldwide have used to proclaim their love of the saga.

“May the Force be with you” to all that celebrate Modesto’s best-known citizen George Lucas’s beloved Star Wars story is the phrase that binds us all together and is a message of hope for all, like peace or shalom.

Modesto was the first city to proclaim May the Fourth as Star Wars Day, last year the State of California followed suit. We celebrate with music, costumers, and good family-friendly fun.


May 04 2020


Modesto View


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