History of Modesto

Asian Settlement in Modesto
Modern Architecture
Women Improvement Club
Curbside Recycling

Timeline of Events


Modesto Officially Added to San Jose, San Francisco Metro Area

Modesto officially added to the San Jose, San Francisco metro area with a population of 9,600,000.

Modesto-Merced Metro Reaches 820,000

Modesto-Merced Metro population reaches 820,000.

City Outlaws Cruising

City outlaws cruising, last of the famous cruises.

Shell Laboratory Closes

Shell Oil Company Laboratory Closes

Modesto – All American City

Modesto was named the All American City.

First Curbside Recycle

Modesto held it’s first Curbside Recycle in the United States.

Postwar Modesto – 1946 to Present

Welcome to the City of Modesto Sign
Modesto experienced rapid growth in the decades after World War II. Modesto’s population of about 16,000 residents in 1940 rose to more than 36,000 by 1960. New housing construction was stimulated by the Serviceman’s Readjustment Act of 1944 (also known as the “G.I. Bill”), which provided many benefits to war..Read More

Sciabica Olive Oil Opens

Sciabica Olive Oil opens, oldest producer and maybe largest, in the country

KTRB signed on the air!

KTRB signed on the air!
In 1933, KTRB signed on the air!  A big signal, and the only station in Modesto for the next 17 years!  KTRB’s first studios were at McHenry and Sylvan.  They were spacious.  Later, KTRB moved to Norwegian Avenue.  The owner, Bill Bates, built the studios, and was the morning host..Read More

First Electrically Heated Building in California

Beaty Building, first electrically heated building in California