Modesto’s 150th anniversary

Welcome to your online home for the year-long celebration of Modesto’s 150th anniversary!

Governor Newsom’s Commemorative Message

During this time of unprecedented change throughout the nation because of the COVID-19 virus, the City has been forced to cancel or postpone events surrounding the sesquicentennial celebrations. While we look for new and innovative ways to recognize the 150th anniversary, we welcome your suggestions by using the feedback form.

The goals of the Modesto150 celebration are to:

    • Embrace civic pride through a celebration of the city’s history.
    • Strengthen the role of Modesto’s heritage as a part of its cultural identity for residents and visitors.
    • Enhance long-term public appreciation of Modesto’s heritage, while keeping an eye toward a fresh and prosperous future.
    • Increase awareness of Modesto’s historic buildings, structures, landscapes, and people.
    • Involve greater numbers of people in preservation-related and economic development efforts.

All Events for the Foreseeable Future Cancelled

No one could have ever anticipated that we would be compelled to cancel events throughout the City of Modesto because of a pandemic. Many community members and stakeholders have spent well over a year planning for the City’s anniversary celebration activities, and to have to cancel these events is heartbreaking. We will monitor the COVID-19 virus and reschedule activities if possible, but for now, stay home and help us get rid of the COVID-19 virus.